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Ex-Voto Milagro. Embossed Sacred Heart with the letters GR in the center "Grazie Ricevuto", meaning Grace Received.

The Sacred Heart (also known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus) has one of the deepest meanings in the Roman Catholic practice. The symbol represents Jesus Christ's actual heart as His love for all of humanity. Other symbols may have a flame or light surrounding it, which signifies the divine light of love.

Among other things, the Sacred Heart brings peace to families and individuals because of what it signifies. Even though the Sacred Heart suffered in the past, the light still shines brightly and brings warmth during tough times. Worshipping the Sacred Heart during tough times brings some of the most peaceful moments to families and individuals because of the unconditional love that is symbolizes.

The use of anatomical votives was prolific in ancient Greece and Rome from 400BC to 400AD. These offerings were made to deities of health and medicine, either in the hope for a cure or in thanks for one. 

In modern day, anatomical votives are charms that are pinned or hung at altars and shrines in thanksgiving for a miracle received. Modern Catholic and Orthodox European votives are often referred to as ex votos, short for ex voto suscepto meaning “from the vow made” in Latin. In colonial Latin America, they are referred to as Milagros meaning ‘miracles’ in Spanish.

  • Our collection of vintage votives are genuine originals of the time we do not sell reproductions.
  • Silver-plated
  • probably 19th century
  • Italian
  • Size: H 128mm X W 100mm
  • Metal partly tarnished, signs of wear consistent with age 
  • Comes in gift bag and boxed
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