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Product image 2Vintage Anatomical plaster écorché sculpture-Anatomy Boutique-Anatomy Boutique
Product image 3Vintage Anatomical plaster écorché sculpture-Anatomy Boutique-Anatomy Boutique

Vintage Anatomical plaster écorché sculpture

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This large plaster Anatomical male study is slightly larger than life sized. It belonged to an artist until it came into our possession.

An écorché is a figure sculpted showing the muscles of the body without skin, normally as a figure study for another work or as an exercise for a student artist.
During the Renaissance in Italy, around the 1450 to 1600, the rebirth of classical Greek and Roman characteristics in art led to the studies of the human anatomy. The practice of dissecting the human body was banned for many centuries due to the belief that body and soul were inseparable.
The Renaissance-era recommended that when painters intend to depict a nude, they should first arrange the muscles and bones, then depict the overlying skin.
The term écorché, meaning literally "flayed", came into usage via the French Academies (such as the École des Beaux Arts) in the 19th century.
The écorché form of study still continues at traditional schools throughout the world.

Condition: It only has a few small chips and looks as though it has recently been given a light coat of white paint to keep it bright and clean looking.

• Material: Plaster

 Dimensions: 93cm high x 50cm x 31cm

• Mid 20th century

• We have included detailed images of the condition of each piece, please check these if you are interested in purchasing

 UK shipping only - we would not recommend this item to be shipped outside of the UK given it's fragility and weight

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