Antique human teaching bone - Lumbar Vertebra L5

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Human lumbar vertebra bone (or 'part of the spine in the lower back' in colloquial English). L5 is the last vertebra of the spine that joins the sacrum.

Please note: Only the bone is for sale, not the styling props :)

All our human bones are antique (over 100yr old) medical teaching specimens sourced from a reputable London collector.

We believe in learning from the beauty of human anatomy for scientific and artistic purposes and feel privileged to make this small collection available to our customers.

However, we do not take this transaction lightly, and for that reason are only shipping to customers in the UK.

All human remains should be treated with respect and dignity and we ask that this is continued.

If you are considering purchasing, we ask that you read the UK legislation below to familiarise yourself with it;

These bones can be legally privately owned within the UK. The consent requirements do not apply to the display of human remains from people who died more than 100 years ago.

The legal requirements of the Human Tissue act 2004 and the guidance given in this Code do not apply in the case of bodies or relevant material where: a) the person died before the HT Act came into force on 1 September 2006; and b) at least 100 years have elapsed since the date of the person’s death.

Only the bone is being sold as seen

  • Shipping restricted to UK residents only
  • Approximately H 50mm X W 90mm X D 85mm 
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