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Alchemy Candle Jar

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This jar can be used for smudge sticks, matches. crystals... but best of all, it's perfect for a candle. The translucent quality of the china generates a beautiful, subtle glow. We sell it empty so you can add your favourite candle to it, it even fits candles in containers if you've found that perfect scent already.

Alchemy symbols are steeped in tradition, ritual and belief in human potential. The overarching theme behind alchemy symbols deals with the unity and connection between human nature and nature on this earth, as well as cosmic nature. This simply means Alchemy binds humanity to the elements of fire, earth, air, water and outer space. This is a profound practice of understanding who we are, and the meaning of our environment. The foundation of alchemical practice is based on inner transformation and the achievement of that transformation.

Design includes; Three primes, Philosopher's stone, Diamond, Seven planetary metals, Eight spoked wheel, Phases of the moon, Four basic elements

  • Size with lid: Height 16cm x Width 10.5cm
  • Internal size for candle: Height 12cm x Width 8.5cm
  • Fine bone china, hand gilded with 24ct gold
  • Made in the UK
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