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Alchemy Jar

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Alchemy symbols are steeped in tradition, ritual and penetrating belief in human potential. The overarching theme behind alchemy symbols deals with the unity and connection between human nature and Nature on this earth, as well as cosmic nature. This simply means Alchemy binds humanity to the elements of fire, earth, air, water and outer space. This is a profound practice of understanding who we are, and the meaning of our environment. The foundation of alchemical practice is based on inner transformation and the achievement of that transformation.

Four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air

The Tria Prima or Three Primes are the base of everything according to Alchemy. Salt stands for the Base Matter, Mercury for the connection between the High and Low and Sulphur for the Omnipresent Spirit of Life. Mercury (Mind) , Salt (Body), Sulphur (Spirit)

Philosopher's Stone represents enlightenment, heavenly bliss and perfection in alchemy. It contains the triangle, the circle and the square that represent the spirit, soul, and body, all the elements essential for alchemical transformation.

Diamond is a powerful symbol that the alchemists have associated with refracting light. The shine and sparkle of the diamond is representative of vision, clarity, awareness, understanding and keen perception. As such, it denotes the journey that the human soul takes in the pursuit of the divine truth and attainment of higher enlightenment. The facets and angles of the diamond symbolize that this journey will involve walking along a labyrinth-like path that has a number of twists and turns. Everyone living with honorable intents will succeed in achieving the light or knowledge they seek.

Eight spoked wheel:

Phases of the moon:

(On Lid) Seven Planetary metals are associated with the seven classical planets, and seven deities, all figuring heavily in alchemical symbolism.

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