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In the dead of night, while the winds spun and stirred the spirits in the old graveyard and the warm lamplight flames danced in their lantern held aloft to light the way, the resurrectionists dug deep into the earth. They worked fast, turning the earth onto a sheet. Finally they hit wood. Prising open the casket, all that lay there were her ashes and a still beating heart.

This life sized human heart is an edible art piece.

Made from a choice of Milk or Dark chocolate and hand painted in edible paint, if kept away from heat, it will last for years. Given the chance...

Use for a centre piece for a banquet, the top of a wickedly dark cake or keep in a glass dome to be admired for eternity.

  • Solid Milk Chocolate (33.6% Cocoa)
  • It's life size, just over 4 inches long and weighs approx. 180g
  • H 12cm X W 9.5cm X D 4.5cm
  • If kept at room temperature no more than 21 degrees celsius (70 F) it will last for as long as you want (although we don't advise eating it after many months!)
  • We don't recommend ordering these chocolates if you live in a very hot place
  • Made in a food safe registered kitchen by Edible Museum
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