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Histology Tea Towels

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Do the drying up in style with these 'Dry as a Bone' tea towels.

This twin pack of tea towels is printed with two different histological slide images of human bone histology.

Design 1: This tea towel shows the process of endochondral ossification (formation of bone) where cartilage cells (light blue) calcify to form newly formed bone (dark blue) and bone marrow (purple). The original histology slide image is courtesy of LabGeek

Design 2: This tea towel is printed with the a slice of longitudinal human bone tissue, stained and examined with light microscopy using colour phase technology. You can clearly see the osteocytes (bone cells) in bright red. The original histology slide is courtesy of Spike Walker, Wellcome images.

Pack of 2 tea towels
Size of each tea towel 47cm x 67cm
100% cotton
Machine washable 

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