Product image 1Anatomy Alphabet Ceramic Christmas Tree Baubles
Product image 2Anatomy Alphabet Ceramic Christmas Tree Baubles
Product image 3Anatomy Alphabet Ceramic Christmas Tree Baubles

Anatomy Alphabet Ceramic Christmas Tree Baubles

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Turn your tree anatomical!

These fine china baubles come in every letter of the alphabet so they make the perfect personalised gift for the initial of the anatomically obsessed (as well as being educational of course).

Each anatomical part is listed below;

  • A: Appendix
  • B: Brain
  • C: Carpal bones
  • D: Duodenum
  • E: Eye
  • F: Facial muscles
  • G: Gluteus maximus
  • H: Heart
  • I: Intestine
  • J: Joint
  • K: Kidney
  • L: Lungs
  • M: Meniscus
  • N: Nipple
  • O: Ossicles
  • P: Pelvis
  • Q: Quadriceps
  • R: Rhomboid muscles
  • S: Skull
  • T: Triceps
  • U: Umbilicus
  • V: Vertebrae
  • W: Wisdom teeth
  • X: Xiphoid process
  • Y: 'Y' ligament
  • Z: Zygomatic bone

Simply choose your preferred letter from the drop down menu to add to your basket.

  • Size: 65mm diameter
  • Ribbon: Red (pre attached)
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