Product image 1Anatomy of Digestion Arteries Dinner Plate - Anatomy Boutique
Product image 2Anatomy of Digestion Arteries Dinner Plate - Anatomy Boutique
Product image 3Anatomy of Digestion Arteries Dinner Plate - Anatomy Boutique

Anatomy of Digestion Arteries Dinner Plate

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A proper intestinal blood supply keeps your digestion going just like a hot breakfast on a nicely designed plate. The striking black and white lines represent the progressively dividing jejunal and ileal arteries from a web of arterial arcades and then into straighter vasa recta making for a beautiful architectural pattern.

Anastomoses of the jejunal and ileal arteries supplying the blood to the small intestine from arterial arcades. Vasa recta are straight arteries coming off the arcades. The patterns of these blood vessels vary along the length of the small intestine. There are fewer arcades and longer vasa recta in the jejunum and more arcades and shorter vasa recta in the ileum.

This arterial plate is part of a unique range of fine china illustrating the anatomy and histology of the digestive system.

  • 10" (30 cm) diameter
  • Bone china with hand gilded rim
  • Made by hand in Stoke on Trent, UK
  • Not suitable for dishwashers, please wash by hand

Dinner plates and cup saucer sets are available in 4 different human tissue designs.

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